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VultureX PriceVulture X Drone – Photography Gone Airborne

Hop on social media right now and scroll for a few minutes. Have you ever noticed how everyone’s pictures blend together? From friends standing in front of a landmark, to people’s feet on vacation, it’s getting harder and harder to distinguish one photograph from another. To set yourself apart, you’ll need to get a picture that no one else can, and that’s what the VultureX drone is for. It’s designed to allow you to get dynamic, high angle shots that would normally require a helicopter. It might be just the thing you need to push your photography game to the next level. If you’d like to know more, we’ll take a closer look to see if this drone is worth it, so just keep reading. But if you’re ready to order you VultureX drone right now, click any of the links on this page to make your purchase today!

Whether you’re just getting started with drones, or if you’re a seasoned pro, this device is designed for all skill levels. The VultureX pocket drone is supposed to be lightweight, easy to use, and take great photos! If it can really do everything it says it can, this could be one of the best drones we’ve seen. In our VultureX review, we’ll tell you about this product’s specifications, price, and how to use it. Ready? Let’s take a look at this drone!

VultureX Pocket Drone

VultureX Specs

When it comes to your drone purchase, it’s important to know exactly what it can do. Here are the VultureX specifications:

  • HD Photos and Videos
  • Foldable
  • 3 Speeds
  • 12 Minute Fly-Time
  • Panorama Mode – 360 Degree Photo/Video Capability
  • Slow-Mo Mode
  • Gravity Sensor To Avoid Collision

VultureX Price

The retail price for this drone is $99. If you use the links on this page, you can get some special deals when you order multiple drones. If you order two, you’ll get a third free for a total of $197. If you order three VultureX fliers, you’ll get two free (five drones total) for a total of $297. The manufacturer will cover shipping on ALL ORDERS. They make great gifts, and if you order the five-drone deal, they only cost about $60 a piece.

VultureX Instructions

This drone is designed to be easily used, even by people that have never laid hands on a drone before. You’ll receive a VultureX manual with your purchase, but here’s how you use it:

  1. Unfold the drone so the wings and propellers are outstretched.
  2. Hook your smart phone into the included remote control. This will allow you to see what the drones see.
  3. Start flying, taking photos and videos!
  4. Practice! The more you use the drone, the better you’ll know its features and capabilities.

VultureX Drone Capabilities

What can you do with this light-weight, highly maneuverable drone? The answer is a lot. You can get a picture of everyone at the family reunion… and we mean everyone, including the person taking the photo.  You can take incredible, professional level video of your kid’s football or soccer game. Want to get a photo of the new house you bought, front yard and backyard included in the same picture? The VultureX can make that happen. There are also recreational drone skill events such as racing and trick competitions. The possibilities are endless! Check out these other uses for drones.

VultureX App

You may have noticed in the instructions, we mentioned that you hook your phone into the remote control. While the remote is what controls the drone, your smart phone is how you take those remarkable photos and videos. Whatever you record or photograph goes straight to your device using the VultureX application, available free of charge from the Google Play or Apple stores. From there, it’s up to you what you do with the great photos you took. Upload them to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter within minutes. That ought to set your photos apart from the ones we’ve all seen hundreds of, right?

VultureX Reviews

There are a lot of drones out there, but this one delivers what it promises. It’s light-weight, high tech, and takes incredible quality photos and videos. If you’re fine letting your photos look the same as they always have, the same as everyone else’s, then move right along. If you want to set yourself apart by having the shots no one else was able to get, then this might be exactly what you’re looking for. To order your VultureX photo/video drone, click any of the links on this page to make your order right now!

If you know anyone that may be interested in this drone, use the social links at the top of the page to send them this info right away! Thanks for reading and happy flying!